Welcome to my Git on the Internet

I'm hosted with GitHub Pages! ('cause why not!!)

This is my area on the web of the world that is hopefully going to be links to my public Gits and Gists to act as a central page to see what I've put out there.

Nothing over the top...

Check back often.

...aaaand then Covid hit... oh how time flies.

Circuit Board

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So, if you made it to my main page you may be interested in quick one liners or a readme on a topic - this one gets you there without having to search.
Simple powershell snippets, batch files and info on shell folders to name a few.

Unifi AP LED Statusmore_vert
Unifi AP LED Statusclose

A little powershell script created to allow you to set the state of your Ubiquiti Unifi's Status LED on all your APs. In other words, toggle it off and on or tell you what its set to.
Usefull if you dont want to have the LED ring on lighting up your rooms!

Windows Shell Foldersmore_vert
Windows Shell Foldersclose

A collection of Windows Shell folders that you can use to call up as a 'runnable' program or use to create a shortcut to get to folders on your machine. Things like Common Startup folders or Start Menu locations. You know, the useful stuff MS have made it harder to find.

HomeBridge Plugin!more_vert

This one is a mouth full! but its my first attempt to plug into HomeBridge and create a plug-in that allows HomeKit to see if your track is playing on your Sonos speaker system!

A Nice Place

I've never been here on holiday but it seems like a nice place to go.

Christmas House

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!